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Jurgis Did

Passion for music and social phenomenon

Jurgis Didžiulis is a performer, songwriter, social alchemist, edutainer and creative change campaigner.

Jurgis Did is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, this Colombian-Lithuanian proves that an artist can do much more than just entertain - he can transform, enlighten and inspire.

Jurgis Did is a social-impact performer, who is also a seasoned public speaker. He enjoys combining his skills to educate people on social phenomenon, expand their understanding of emotional intelligence and demonstrate the power of authentic values, earnest engagement, community, social capital, emotional-conscientiousness, and FUN!

Jurgis transcends the limits of format and genre through enlightening dialogue and stimulating interaction that can feel like a musical stand-up comedy at one moment and a life-changing inspirational talk the next. This mix illustrates and provokes in ways that words alone cannot. More importantly, it can immediately change the emotional climate of a situation and help groups of people (re)establish an honest emotional connection.

His education in political science and business administration allows Jurgis to establish a rapport with scholarly audiences and rigorously businessminded individuals alike. His extensive experience on-stage allows him to tailor messages and adapt to different people and circumstances, as well as effortlessly improvise during unforeseen situations.

Since 2015, Jurgis has done over 200 interactive musical "EduTainment" sessions for businesses, NGO’s, educational establishments and conferences. He feels equally comfortable inspiring, entertaining and enlightening anyone from kindergarten kids to hardcore academics, anywhere from cozy boardrooms to thousand-person auditoriums.

Edutaintment is becoming a popular type of seminar for companies as they are willing to spend more money for educational, creative, fun and meaningful experiences for their employees. Edutainment mixes music and artistic performance with social phenomenon and can be a catalyst for an emotional change within an organization.

Jurgis Did - a Colombian-Lithuanian edutainer, famous musician, Eurovision song contest participant, a Colombian Honorary Consul and social change campaigner - has talked about edutainment at TEDxStockholm last year. Jurgis, whose career is now evolving around edutainment seminars for companies and organizations all over Europe, says that holding somebody’s attention becomes easier if they are provided with a useful and transcendental experience.

Come to witness the rules and roles of a traditional performance being challenged and become a part of a seamless fusion of beautiful music, creative interaction and powerful ideas!

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